What is Jonber?

Jonber means HODL. it is a meme for Korean

Why our coin is the best

The beginning of a new legend, Spirit Jonber


A must-have coin that combines innovative philosophy and a motivated development team with historical value.


Similar to the work of Marcel Duchamp, we add modern artistic values that do not currently exist in the given coinage and base them on avant-garde ideas. Awesome!


Money is better spent with us than wasting it on Lotto.

Our Pragmatism Project

We create a Peer to Peer file transfer program that allows payment with cryptocurrency.

P2P File Transfer Commission

If you keep p2p seeds, then you can receive coins.


Building Data Marketplace

Anyone can create a data exchange where not only shareholders, but also brokers and content creators can earn revenue without server maintainers.


Ecosystem design

Ecosystem design that reflects economic principles.


Patent-based business

We are not amateurs at IT Bussiness. Our implemented development is based on the design of our already filed patent, and protects us from other imitation projects.

Jonber Gift

Jonber Set - Limited Edition

Premium Welcome Kit
Enjoy the glory of the release of both the world’s first crypto-currency and official proof coin. Only 500 pieces of Jonber Set Limited Editions available to those who participate in the sale.

World's First Official Proof Coin

The world's first official proof coin is issued simultaneously with cryptocurrency.
Proof coins that are recognized in the market have scientific commonality.

Our heart is with Jonber..

Spirit Jonber. We have incorporated that philosophy. Jonber is a spirit that pervades the era of 2018.


Included happiness circuit

Jonber’s path to success requires frequent mental management. This amplifies our affirmative power with a super powerful placebo effect.


New art genre

We go against the traditional practice of coinage, and strive for more innovative actions that can provide new perspectives as well as artistic value.
The true value of our coin will only be revealed in a hundred years at auction venues in New York.


Infinite Jonberable

Even if the era of crpyto-currency ends, our coin has the power to survive for over 100 years. It proves the history of an era all by itself. This is perfect for people who do not own property or have inheritance for their children.

Our Fantastic Team

Our “Kimchi Powered” team is a startup company based in Estonia, and consists of self-certified genius developers.
We are a proven team that understands the dream of SJ coins, and we made it into a reality.

Kiyoung Jung

CEO / DevOps Developer
Avant garidst

Fullstack Developer
VFX Pipeline Technical Director

Live your life!

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